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Why are two-thirds of teens with depression undiagnosed?

  • Posted by ROWI
  • On November 9, 2018

Mental Health Issues do not just go away and are often dangerously ignored.  Parents do not always recognize the symptoms of mental health problems or may not be aware of how severe the problem is.  Others may feel the behaviors will go away with time. Unfortunately, mental health and wellness issues must be addressed to avoid greater problems.  When a teen is exhibiting these kinds of behaviors, parents should seek professional help.


  • Eating Disorders – Treatment is necessary as soon as any eating disorders are discovered;
  • Family History – If there is a history of mental illness in the family, promptly act upon concerning behaviors;
  • Cutting – If a teen is hurting him or herself, even if it is a one-time thing, it is important to seek help as cutting or self-harm may be a way of dealing with a serious mental health issue;
  • School Avoidance – When teens do not go to school on a regular basis, this is often a symptom of a broader problem;
  • Out of Control Behavior – If a teen’s behavior is causing chronic trouble in school or is seriously disrupting family life, it is important to get help.  Disruptive, explosive or dangerous behavior can be generated by anxiety, trauma and frustration from an undiagnosed learning problem, among other things; and
  • Emotional Issues Over Time – if a teen seems unusually anxious or sad or irritable for a long period of time and it’s interfering with his or her ability to do things that are appropriate for kids his or her age, then it is time to get help.  A teen who is seriously anxious or depressed is not just suffering, they are missing out on important parts of their teenage year.


Like other medical problems, mental issues can be diagnosed and treated.  However, you do need a team of professionals to help you. ROWI Teen and Parent Wellness Centers can help you and your teen get through these tough times.  ROWI offers a comprehensive outpatient program where we provide our clients with evidence-based individual and group therapy as well as holistic treatments including mindfulness training, meditation, yoga, surf, equine, art and improvisational therapies, among others.  We also have in-house schools and accredited teachers at each of our locations to allow our teens to catch-up in school and get back on track.


There is help and it is close by.  ROWI accepts most insurance policies. Let us answer any questions you have.