Teen Cutting Therapy Thousand Oaks If your teenager is prone to self-harm, ROWI offers teen cutting therapy in Thousand Oaks. It can be very comforting for parents to learn that teens who cut are not typically suicidal or looking for attention, but are merely cutting as a means to relieve emotional pain. Get help for your teen now by calling ROWI Teen & Parent Wellness Center at 805-356-3477. Teen Cutting Therapy Thousand Oaks

Best Shoes For Sore Feet

Balanced Foot Care

When your feet hurt it ruins your entire day. At Balanced Foot Care we offer a variety of orthotics and the best shoes for sore feet. Our certified pedorthists treat people to help them lead a pain-free life. We offer a variety of high quality name brand footwear along with orthotics. Call to make an appointment today.

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