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Parent Coaching, Counseling and Training

There is overwhelming evidence that ineffective parenting is a major contributing factor to many of the problems children and adolescents develop and struggle with. We also know that effective parenting can prevent many, if not most, of these problems. The goal of parent coaching and training is to improve relationships, increase parent effectiveness, and to help children have the self-discipline that is required to be thriving and healthy adults. ROWI implements a multi-modal approach to parent effectiveness and utilizes the information gathered from the initial family meeting to determine which models of parent training will be the most effective and sustainable for your family.

Coaching Services

  • Family therapy
  • Individual parent coaching
  • Group parent coaching
  • Parenting skills process groups
  • Parenting support groups
  • Phone coaching
  • Co-parenting support groups and coaching
  • Divorce and separation support groups and coaching
  • Single parent support groups and counseling

A Note From Our Clinical Director

It has been my experience that most parents I work with are trying their best. Many have even successfully raised other children who are thriving in college or work. Parents often come to me confused, angry, with exhausted resources, and their family relationships at stake. We know that no two families or children are alike and that we all process and interpret information, communication styles, and cues differently. Although it is human nature to believe we are never wrong and that we know what our husband, wife, son, or daughter meant when they gave us that look or tone — we oftentimes don’t understand. We come armed with incorrect information which dictates our own response and leaves everyone feeling unheard and misunderstood. These are the cornerstones of unsuccessful family dynamics and low self-efficacy in children. It is important to me to understand from everyone in the family, including the child, where things are going wrong and what more they need. The answer to a happy family is in each individual working together to create something that works for them. Helping parents to integrate new skills in a way that feels natural to them and their family is a passion I share with the entire ROWI team.



Dr. Saro Altinoglu

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